The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program in Houston has itself become something of a disaster. The program had been given a three day extension, to September 1 as the program centers to accept applications for assistance had been overwhelmed with applicants. Application is a lengthy process involving paper work, swearing out an affidavit, and a declaration of losses due to Hurricane Harvey. It appears the state stopped taking applications before every victim had filled out their application. There was also high heat during the last week applications were taken. Fire fighters had treated several persons for over heating and one elderly man died of a heart attack. While Ann Beeson, executive director of the Center for Public Policy Priorities, voiced concerns. In a written statement Thursday she said that state and county officials should have sped up the process by opening more locations and increasing the number of workers. In an interview she further said “There are more efficient and compassionate ways to deliver food assistance to our fellow Texans in need.” The opposing point of view is held by local Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. Judge Emmett had the power to open up more application sites, but declined to do so, saying he was concerned about fraud. “It’s become just a government giveaway as opposed to targeting people who really need help,” Emmett told reporters on Thursday.

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